DSP Valley’s approach is based on a membership model, allowing different levels of engagement, matched by corresponding services.  You can choose a different engagement for each of the programmes (Smart Health, Smart Industry, Smart Mobility, Smart Cities, Digital Technology). 

Engagement levels: 






Member fees

Our annual membership fees have degressive proportionality to the size of the member organization, which is mapped in four categories ranging from 1 (micro) to 4 (large). Based on your selection of engagement level and the category of your organization, the following annual membership fees in euro apply for participation in a programme:



We welcome organizations to join multiple programmes.  Discounts apply in that case.  These annual fees in euro are illustrated in the table below.


 When you only want to stay abreast of what is going on in DSP Valley, the annual Inform fee is 200 EUR.

Five types of member organizations

DSP Valley is home to providers of electronic solutions and digital technology, to those that see their business change because of automation and digitization, and to integrators that can pull things together.  You can distinguish five types of member organizations:

  • Companies
  • Supporting actors
  • Investors
  • Academia
  • Start-ups 

Download the PDF with the substantive explanation of these five types of member organizations. 

The following table summarizes how organizations are measured and mapped into 4 categories.  These metrics are observed within the activity region of DSP Valley, which ist the Benelux. For international companies, this for instance means that branch office headcount is observed, not global headcount.


mapping of organizations: Headcount AND Financials need to be below threshold
to qualify for a smaller designation / lower category. TO= Turn-Over, BS= Balance Sheet;
only one OR the other needs to be lower.

Become a member now! 

Do you want to become a member? Or do you have questions regarding our membership fees? Contact Dieter Therssen (T: +32 16 24 14 40 - M: +32 478 84 61 79) or someone else of our team