You actively pursue new business with digital opportunities.  You have one or more projects in mind and could use assistance to build project consortia. As a Cultivate member, your ideas will be taken on board and will be counselled by the team of DSP Valley. We will handle the collaborative aspect, often a distractor for an individual business. Shaping your ideas and connecting with others can take place on interactive “Connect” sessions, or through discrete mediation. We bring missing expertise to the table, we provide Intellectual Property templates, we help arrange dilutive or non-dilutive funding.  During project execution, we are there to facilitate the collaboration, enabling each of the participating organizations to focus on their contribution and strengthen their own asset base in the digital domain.
In short, you get access to detailed market info, partner search, funding possibilities, legislative and normative framework, and interaction with government. We support internationalisation of your business through our European alliances, as well as our partnership with Flanders Investment and Trade.  On top of this, Cultivate encompasses all Connect and Inform services in your chosen programmes.

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