Digital technology is changing the world, and you want to make sure you can foresee new opportunities as much as possible.  Your future growth depends on it. That is why we map your need to foresee onto I4C: Inform, Connect, Cultivate, Carry, and Consolidate. 
DSP Valley helps you discover new business opportunities by looking at the overall potential of digital technology across a value chain, exploring areas beyond the perspective of a single company, and engaging in discussions with stakeholders that are best reached in a collective manner.
We call it collaborative business development.  It adds to each individual company’s efforts to acquire new business. Our mission is to establish new, resilient and scalable businesses for you.  We want our industry to grasp its fair share of market in the upcoming ‘internet of things’ and data-driven society, fostering a technology-rich and prosperous region.


Digital technologies hold significant promise in many areas.

We work for you on four application domains of widely accepted high value: our healthcare system, the organization of our societies, our industrial capabilities and our mobility challenge.  In these programmes, named Health, Cities, Industry and Mobility, we actively seek how digital technology can bring meaningful solutions.

Parts of the solution in these domains rely on common concepts.  Often the solution is only truly economical and scalable with the application of breaktrough technologies.  These constitute business opportunities in our fifth programme: Digital.  This programme brings together solution providers to work on technology and platforms for the future. 

DSP Valley stimulates entrepreneurship and open innovation by facilitating co-operation and partnerships for its member organisations. Activities include local and international matchmaking & brokerage events, participation in roadmapping exercises, sector representation, etc. DSP Valley also supports its members in marketing, communications, and HR matters. Its Newsletter is distributed worldwide to +1000 subscribers.

Levers and enablers

All programs of DSP Valley operate in a similar way.  There are three structural ambitions in each: application and technology reach-out through a regional business network, geographic reach-out through a European alliance, and acquisition of appropriate subsidy projects.  DSP Valley as overarching body provides assets and tools to make things happen.

One of Europe’s top clusters

With its extensive offer of high quality activities DSP Valley is one of the top clusters in Europe in the area of smart electronic systems and embedded technology solutions.

DSP Valley is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium.