Smart Health

In the context of factors such as an ageing population, the advances in biotechnology, and the ever-increasing demand for healthcare solutions, the interest in consumer and professional medical devices is also on the rise. Several DSP Valley members are involved in the creation of these devices, from components such as sensors or wireless technology, over support to develop these devices, to the production of complete consumer devices and professional equipment for the healthcare markets. The SIG Smart Health brings together these members to further explore opportunities in this domain.

DSP Valley has a focus on the “medical device” side: applications and machines for consumer and professional medical applications, along with the electronic components needed to build them (sensors, wireless connectivity, cameras, etc.), and the dedicated software running on them. As to the latter, this concerns software in (components of) personal healthcare devices, as well as software in professional devices. The focus is not on backend e-health or storage systems for managing healthcare-related data and processes.

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