Technologies and Activities

DSP Valley members are active in the broad domain of embedded technology, from electronics over software to full-blown high-tech products. They are involved in the whole value chain from design (including tools) over manufacturing to productizing and marketing of dedicated hardware/software components and finished products.

Enabling Embedded Technologies

The DSP Valley members have expertise related to the following embedded technologies:

  •  Digital, analog, and mixed-signal electronics design
  • Communication and Navigation Technologies (focus: wireless)
  • Sensor-controlled Systems and Machine control
  • Digital Audio and Sound processing
  • Digital Image and Video processing (focus: embedded vision)
  • Design methodologies, Tools and Platforms for all of the above


The DSP Valley members (academic and industrial) are involved in the following research and/or business activities, either as a service to others or for their own internal needs:


  • (Basic) research into future embedded technologies
  • Design and development of hardware and software components
  • Manufacturing and production of hardware components
  • Development of finished high-tech products
  • Development of (design) tools for all of the above


On the member pages you can find a detailed list of competences and activities of each of the DSP Valley members.