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The Micro- and Nano electronics roadmap for Flanders

The European research framework program Horizon 2020, aiming at substantially increasing the impact of Europe on the world-wide industry, is gaining momentum. Micro- and nanoelectronics, including components and systems, are defined as a Key Enabling Technology (KET), essential for all smart products and services that use intelligence in the most diverse sectors ranging from communications over healthcare, transportation, energy, consumer up to defense and security.
In this ambitious plan.

Flanders belongs to the most important regions in Europe and world-wide for research in micro- and nanoelectronics. Therefore, commissioned by the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT), DSP Valley and imec have jointly created a micro- and nanoelectronics roadmap for Flanders. This roadmap is a high level description reflecting the general objectives and plans of the Flemish MNE industry.  It is an inventory and summary of the technological challenges, the accompanying objectives and required base technologies as seen by the Flemish MNE industry as a whole.
As part of the roadmap exercise, an economic analysis of the micro- and nanoelectonics “sector” in Flanders has been executed by STORE (Steunpunt Ondernemen en Regionale Economie). More information can be found here.
A roadmap on the regional level is instrumental to several policy making initiatives such as the Smart Specialization Strategy adopted by the Flemish Government in August 2013. These will impact either directly or indirectly the Flemish MNE industry. Any initiative to support the development and implementation of the technologies defined in this roadmap for MNE in Flanders will have a maximized impact on the Flemish MNE industry in particular and the Flemish industry as a whole.
The roadmap document can be requested by sending an email to Johan Lecocq.