Krzysztof Berezowski, Ph. D. , CEO Thaumatec 

“We’ve had a great event last week. It was great to see that we joined a vibrant organization with a clear vision and mission. We’re looking forward to our active participation in DSP Valley activities.”



Jan Calliauw, Business Development Manager Medical & Health @ Verhaert Masters in Innovation®

About an event (Hospitals of the Future) organized by DSP Valley and consortium partners: 

"I actually didn’t have time to come, because of a deadline for a project proposal, but I absolutely have no regrets about my participation: the time spent has been very useful." 



Tom Castermans, Founder and owner @ Tenco DDM

"DSP Valley events are always interesting: DSP Valley always knows how to find the right people. We also participate in other events, but they do not always have added value. DSP Valley events however do.”



Jean-Marc Wislez, flight systems division manager @ Space Applications Services (SAS):

"A call to DSP Valley brought us to Easics who stood out for their very solid and competitive offer. During our first visit it was immediately clear that Easics constructively helps to come up with a technical solution fit for the specific needs of the customer. Hence the collaboration with Easics went very smoothly and pleasantly. Drawing up specifications together, the technical provisional reviews, as well as the support afterwards took place in a very good atmosphere and were handled with a lot of expertise."

Pieter De Wilde – Commercial Director @ Unitron

“DSP valley has provided us with information about cascade funding. This kind of information offers us and our clients real added value.”  

Jan Zegers - director @Easics

"For Easics, having a joint booth with other DSP Valley members at the Embedded World Fair and having all the practical stuff taken care of by DSP Valley, makes participating to the show a no-brainer. At the show, we met a lot of existing customers as well as potential new leads, making it a great marketing action. Thanks to Bjorn and DSP Valley for the impeccable organization."