Training Multicore Programming
19-01-2015 :: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Organizer: Vector Fabrics

Have you realized that processors have not gained a lot of performance per core over the last few years? Is your application truly benefiting from modern multicore processors? Or did your application just slow down when you tried to use multiple cores? 

Don't worry!
Vector Fabrics in Eindhoven organizes training classes to teach advanced C and C++ engineers how to use multicore processors efficiently. We only talk a little bit about threading and locking - it's mostly about patterns and concepts. In 3 days we'll learn you to design future-proof code that works well with multiple processors - and you'll know how to keep it free of hard-to-debug errors like race conditions and deadlocks.
Vector Fabrics is a world-wide known expert in optimizing software performance. Either by using our Pareon tooling or through training and consultancy, our customers get more performance out of their hardware platforms.

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