Embedded Linux Trainings
16-11-2015 ::

Organizer: Mind - Essensium

This 5 days training is intended for developers who want to build an Embedded Linux system from scratch or from commercial Embedded Linux solutions.

The training covers the various components of an embedded Linux target, the development choices and the different debugging possibilities. A more detailed look is also taken at the Linux kernel architecture and important issues such as cross compilation and building of the main components. The training finishes with some more specific subjects to the choice of the participants (such as Real Time Linux, Qt development or building from distribution of choice).

During this training all participants get the opportunity to build and experiment with a multifunctional small-footprint embedded target with an LCD touch screen, which they can take with them after the training.

This training can be given in English, Dutch, French or German, depending on the preference of the attendees.

Next planned Embedded Linux Trainings:

  • November 16th to November 20th 2015
More information: http://www.mind.be/training


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