Linux Kernel and Device Driver Development Trainings
30-11-2015 ::

Organizer: Mind - Essensium

 This 5 days training is intended for developers who want to learn how to write or improve Linux Kernel drivers for Embedded Linux platforms and Linux in general.

In a 50 to 60% lab-time approach, all participants get a real hands-on experience and they learn how to avoid classical pitfalls. The training goes deep into the kernel architecture, the main APIs, the integration of device drivers with other parts of the kernel and with userspace applications. During the training, all attendees get direct feed-back in an interactive manner, and at the end of the training they are ready to work on Linux device driver development projects.
During the training, all attendees also receive a specific ARM development board, which they can take with them after the training.
This training can be given in English, Dutch or French, depending on the preference of the attendees.

Next planned Linux Kernel Development and Device Driver Development Trainings:

  • November 30th to December 4th 2015
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