LICT workshop on ICT and Sports
30-03-2015 :: Heverlee, Belgium

Organizer: LICT KU Leuven, powered by DSP Valley & Sports.Tech (Flanders Smart Hub)

Like in so many other domains, also in sports ICT is becoming ever more present. (Wearable) sensors and cameras are used to monitor both individuals and entire games or races not only for the entertainment of the supporters but also, and even more important, to give feedback to athletes, trainers, referees, coaches or doctors. Data analysis technology is available to derive knowledge on (individual) performance or game tactics out of the big amounts of recorded data and video streams. And advanced visualization tools and applications allow to present this information in a way that it is useful and comprehensible for either professionals or end-users.

During this workshop we will focus on how ICT-technology can influence contemporary sport practice. Invited keynote speakers will testify on the role they see for ICT in some selected sports domains. LICT speakers will present their own research on sensor devices for sports monitoring, biomedical signal processing, sports analytics and data visualization. And coffee-breaks and a closing reception offer opportunities for further networking.

The workshop also fits within the broader scope of the Sports.Tech initiative, a regional cluster on Sports and Technology.

Practical information

Date and Time: March 30, 2015; 12:00 – 18:00
Location: Thermotechnisch Instituut, aud. De Tweede Hoofdwet, Kasteelpark Arenberg 41, Heverlee


12:00    Registration and sandwich lunch

13:00    Welcome and introduction (LICT & Sports.Tech)

13:15    Keynote                   
“Data in top sports: What are the challenges?”, Joachim Taelman, BioRICS and BLOSO Domeinexpert "sporttechnologie en innovatie"

13:45    LICT presentations (part 1)               

- “Monitoring Technologies for Rehabilitation in Sports”, Prof. Luc Janssens, Groep T - e-Media Lab              

- “Sports monitoring with miniaturized sensor devices”, Jeroen Lecoutere/Prof. Bob Puers, ESAT-MICAS      

- “The Power of Biomedical Data Processing in Smart Sports monitoring”, Prof. Sabine Van Huffel, ESAT-STADIUS

14:45    Coffee Break

15:15    Keynote                     

“Professional performance management in team sports”, Stig Meylemans, TopSportLab

15:45    LICT presentations (part 2)               

- “Computational Approaches fo Analyzing Data from Sports Matches”, Prof. Jesse Davis, CS-DTAI            

- “Data Visualization: from Feedback to Analytics”, Prof. Andrew Vande Moere, ASRO-RxD & DataVisLab

16:25    Keynote                   

- “Smart Bike –What will my bike be thinking about…?”, Bert Celis , Flanders Bike Valley

16:55    Concluding remarks (LICT)

17:00    Networking Reception

Target audience:

The workshop is open to all interested parties.


Participation is free of charge, but for administrative reasons advance registration is asked for by March 23, 2015 (registration website

More information:

For more information and updates of the program you can consult the website or contact the LICT coordinator   


This workshop is organised by LICT and powered by Sports.Tech and DSP Valley.


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