Visionary seminar: Is it possible to build a safe and confidential ‘Internet of Everything’?
19-03-2015 :: imec, Leuven

Organizer: Leuven.Inc in cooperation with imec.

The Internet evolves lightning fast. We have just started implementing the Internet of Things (IoT), and on the horizon is already an Internet of Everything (IoE). A network that will connect people, processes, data and things, and that is expected to have over 50 billion interconnected nodes by 2020. Nodes that will generate data; the big data that will help steer our society.

But with all the enthusiasm surrounding the IoE, there is surprisingly little attention for the security, privacy and vulnerability in this extremely complex system. A security and privacy that is required for an efficient and valuable network, and that is also required to embrace the changes and opportunities of the IoE.
To shed more light on this issue, we have brought together a number of experts on the IoE and data security. We start the evening with a short introduction on the evolution of the Internet of Everything. Next, we discuss if it is possible to build security and privacy into the system architecture of IoE applications. We also look at the security of the hard- and software components of the IoE, and how security will impact the energy expenditure of processors and sensors. The question arises if the extra resources that are needed will not be a showstopper for the IoE, and if there are efficient solutions. Last, we will look at connected cars and smart energy meters, two examples of IoE application with which we already have some experience.
If you are involved in the development of future technology, if you are interested in data security and privacy issues, or if you want to know about the latest ideas and research concerning the IoE, then this seminar is for you.


16h30: Welcome coffee
17h00: Welcome by Leuven.Inc
17h15: The Internet of Everything driving exponential innovation - John Baekelmans, CTO Internet of Everything Solutions Group, Cisco
17h45: Privacy and security challenges of the IoE - Bart Preneel, Prof, ESAT - COSIC, Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography KU Leuven and iMinds
18h15: Coffee break
18h40: Hardware and software security of the IoE nodes - Ingrid Verbauwhede, Prof, ESAT - COSIC, Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography KU Leuven and iMinds
19h10: Businesscase Privacy & security – the connected car - Meindert van den Beld, Strategy Lead for BU Automotive, NXP Semiconductors Hamburg
19h30: Businesscase Privacy & security - smart grid - Klaus Kursawe, Director Research and Development, European Network of Cyber Security (ENCS)
19h50: Q&A
20h10: Drinks and snacks
The interventions will be held in English.


imec Auditorium, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Heverlee
Parking at the overflow parking (via Gaston Geenslaan, 3001 Heverlee)

Participation fee

135 euro (excl. VAT): members of Leuven.Inc - 175 euro (excl. VAT): all others
Special fee available for Master and PhD students affiliated to and billable by KU Leuven or other universities. Please do contact us by e-mail.


Registrations before Thursday 12 March 2015, preferably via the online registration form or by email to (including all contact and invoice details).
After registration you will receive a confirmation and route description. The registration fee is payable after receipt of invoice. Cancellation after subscription is not possible. However, replacement by a colleague is allowed.*
* As an (Associate) Company Member you can be replaced by a colleague. As an Individual Member you can only be replaced by another Individual Member. When this is not possible, Leuven.Inc will charge an extra fee for the replacement by a non-member.
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