Eurostars Summer event 2015
03-06-2015 :: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Are you working on the development of new products, processes or services? Are you interested in R&D cooperation with organisations from other countries? Then the Eurostars Summer event on the 3rd of June in Amsterdam might be of special interest to you.
The Eurostars Summer event mainly focusses on the opportunities the programme offers to companies (in particular SMEs) and research institutions in the coming cut-off dates (starting with COD 4, 17th of September). The event kicks off congratulating last year ‘s approved projects, followed by a general introduction to the Eurostars programme and its position in the ERA (the European Research Area). The remaining part of the event is reserved for building new consortia and generating new project proposals.
Several break-out sessions will be held, giving you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of successful Eurostars companies within your field of expertise. It will be possible to pitch project ideas or partner requests to a group of peers from 5-8 countries. In other sub sessions the rules for participation will be discussed, including some tips and tricks on how to write successful applications, and on the related funding programmes of H2020. As in Eurostars, the Summer event is open to all technology areas, however, for practical reasons the break-out sessions have a thematic focus:
  • ICT and electronics
  • Life Sciences and Health
  • Industrial manufacturing, materials and Transport
The main part of the afternoon is reserved for matchmaking between Dutch and foreign companies (SMEs) and research institutions. The matchmaking is organised in close cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). The Dutch Eurostars office expects over 150 Dutch organisations and 30-50 foreign organisations to participate in the event. The Summer event concludes with a networking reception. There, project ideas can be discussed with representatives of several national Eurostars offices, including the Brussels Eurostars secretariat. Further information on the matchmaking can be found on the EEN website ( ), where you can also register for the event.
Thursday, 4th of June (optional)
Depending on the interest of the participants of the Summer event, the Dutch Eurostars office (RVO)
plans to organise a company visit or site visit on the 4th of June. The visit is meant for foreign
organisations in particular, but Dutch organisations are more than welcome to join.


The Eurostars Summer event is free of charge, however registration in advance is necessary. Here, the sub sessions you want to attend can be selected in advance and your profile for the matchmaking can be uploaded. You need to take care of your own travel arrangements. A list of hotels near the location of the event will be provided.

Further Information

Do you have any questions regarding the Eurostars programme, please contact your national Eurostars office. You can find the address here ( ). For more information regarding the Eurostars Summer event, please contact Mr Arnold Meijer (, co-ordinator of Eurostars in The Netherlands. Mr Danny Van Steenkiste ( ) is the representative of Flanders in Eurostars.
For additional information on the matchmaking, please contact Ms Michelle Lemmers of the Dutch EEN office ( or the EEN office in your own country, Ms Magali Parent in Flanders ( ).
Location: Amsterdam
Date: Wednesday, 3rd of June 2015
Time: 12.00 – 18.00 hours


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