Innovation Day
16-10-2015 :: Hogenakkerhoekstraat 21, 9150 Kruibeke

Organizer: Verhaert

We see the world constantly and rapidly changing and this creates a lot of opportunities. How do you prepare your company for future markets without losing focus? What actions do you take to make an impact on the market and to improve your organizations position between competitors? You have to pursue innovation to enjoy long-term benefits.

The Innovation Day 2015 is focusing on Innovation for growth with lectures about opportunities through technology and development of connected devices and applications. We also concentrate on health care, because we are facing major challenges in this market. Furthermore we offer you methodologies and tools to manage innovation and to create a meaningful innovation mindset.


Theme 1 – Technology Transfer: technology driven innovation

1. Diversification study, a way to find new directions for existing technologies
New application searches are a key element in a diversification study. For its conductive PTC ink, Henkel wanted to find new applications to grow the business significantly. Gunther Dreezen will explain the challenges and opportunities of the Technology Transfer project Henkel executed together with Verhaert.
By Gunther Dreezen, Director Product Development at Henkel

2. Using space technology in Earth applications: active and passive damping to reduce noise in wind turbines
With activities in space engineering and non-space vibration control and management, MicroMega Dynamics will illustrate how space technology and the support of Verhaert has helped them to promote and generate additional business.
By Nicolas Loix, General Manager at Micromega Dynamics

3. Technology transfer: how a drone start-up company benefits from space technology
Fleye, the number 1 of the Belgian Technology Start-ups, will launch its first personal flying camera this fall. As Belgian broker in ESA Technology Transfer Network, Verhaert has contributed to the progress that Fleye has made the last couple of months. Besides technology and know-how from space, also networking and funding were key for this start-up company.
By Sam Waes, Consultant Innovation at Verhaert and Laurent Eschenauer, CEO at Fleye

4. Atlas Copco Innovation, more than just an engineering thing
At Atlas Copco Innovation is one of the 3 core values that drive our organizational culture. The presentation will show how this is actually implemented and driving market leadership with the example of the HardHat – celebrating its 10th anniversary.
By Nicolas Englebert, VP Research and Development at Atlas Copco

Theme 2 – Connect: Internet of Things

1. Developing connected products that users like
By David Pas, Product Designer and Coordinator DesignLab at Verhaert

2. Connected business models: inventing smart earnings models
Airbnb, Netflix, Uber … we all know the highly disruptive new entrants that have revolutionized their respective industries. But are only start-ups capable of using the Internet of Things (IoT) to come up with innovative business models? How can you implement the IoT without throwing your existing infrastructure and business model overboard? Stop thinking defensively and get in the IoT game!
By Alexander Frimout, Consultant Innovation at Verhaert

3. Future mobility: how BNV launches a new mobility service
By Paul Slagboom, Business Development at Verhaert Connect and Dirk Grevink, CEO at BNV Mobility

Theme 3 – Medical: convergence in health care

1. How does human factor engineering relate to the sweet spot of innovation?
By Bart Penninger, Project Manager at Verhaert

2. A vision on connected health: Smartbeat and mHealth
By Bert Verbruggen, Consultant Applied Physics & Systems at Verhaert and Peter Van Vooren, Business Development Manager at Remedus

3. Fujirebio TENDIGO™, an assay processing instrument: design to cost
By Frederik Mortier, Project Manager at Verhaert

4. Hyper spectral camera technology and applications
By Thierry Emeraud, Business Development at Verhaert and Olivier Dupont, Managing Director at Lambda-X

Theme 4 – Methodologies and tools

1. Efficient online web platforms for advanced, frequent and easy consumer validation
By Michiel Cambron, Consultant Innovation at Verhaert

2. Value driven design is the only enabler for value add pricing
By Zane Smilga, Consultant Innovation at Verhaert

3. Study logic, a powerful tool to manage innovative product development
Innovative product development requires an innovative project approach. Elements like context and risk have a major impact on the development phases and focus, content and output of each phase of the project. Therefore, standard project approaches tend to be suboptimal or even fail. During this session you will get insights in how you can define a customized project study logic enabling you to better manage and control innovative product development.
By Rudy Van Raemdonck, Coordinator Embedded Systems at Verhaert

4. Net Promotor System as a source for innovation
By Stefan Kolle, Co-founder at Futurelab


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