Training Multicore Programming in C and C++
24-02-2016 :: Leuven, Belgium

Organizer: Intelligent Systems / Altran

Do you want to keep your engineers up to date in a constantly changing market? Is their knowledge build-up high on your agenda? With our Intelligent Systems Academy, we developed a wide range of courses to counter the lack of qulity trainings on embedded software and to share the knowledgeof our embedded software experts with you.

Offer description

The Intelligent Systems/Altran courses are taught by our software experts who themselves have many years of experience in embedded software development.
The professional background of our trainers and the top-quality of the courses have earned us a 99% recommendation rate.
Our trainings are organized frequently and with great flexibility, many topics, various formats and different locations.
Upon request, training packages can also be tailored to your specific needs.  
3-day training: 24/02/2016 - 26/02/2016
560 euro/day
Leuven - Belgium


Day 1 Multicore Architectures and conventional multi-threading

  • A quick refresh on threading, sharing and locking APIs on Linux (POSIX pthreads) and Windows
  • Multicore CPU architectures and their memory mechanisms, throughput
  • How to find code hotspots using profiling tools and define computational complexity

Day 2 Finding Parallelization Opportunities

  • Recognizing parallelization patterns, like fork-join, map-reduce and pipeline
  • Parallelization blockers and parallelization anti-patterns
  • Vectorization using ARM NEON and Intel SSSE
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