Quality Awareness Training
18-03-2016 :: Leuven, Belgium

Organizer: Intelligent Systems / Altran

Get your code compiled. Is that the ultimate goal? Does it really end there? Quality Awareness offers a mix of theoretical info and tips & tricks based on real-life examples. During this session it will become clear that, as a software developer, you can have much more fun while writing good, bug-free SW. Nowadays, software development is not only about converting requirements into code. Increasing the quality of the delivered SW becomes more and more important. Avoid having to solve the same bug twice. Find the bug before it finds you. Increase the level of confidence you have in your software. Software quality, SDLC, Static code analysis, Dynamic testing, Test Techniques, Continuous Integration… these are not obscure, dirty words but they will be explained while referring to a real-life embedded project. Through hands-on exercises, the basic test techniques will be revealed.

18 March 2016: Quality Awareness 
1-day training: 18/03/16
560 euro/day
Leuven - Belgium
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Charlotte Battiau, Sales Support
Please register at training.intelligent-systems.be@altran.com
t +32 9 277 77 37

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