Python Fundamentals Training
23-03-2016 :: Ghent, Belgium

Organizer: Intelligent Systems / Altran

Starting from zero, basic Python knowledge is built up, split up in 2 big parts. Python Fundamentals teaches everything from types & methods down to functional programming and best practices for scripting. The scripting part of the course is expanded with a more in-depth handling of strings, error handling, iterators, file handling and spawning processes. 

The second big part of the course handles object oriented programming in Python (1 module), building on an already established knowledge of OO (either in C++, C#, Java or other) and linking it to the ‘Pythonic’ way of working. From object oriented Python a further bridge is crossed towards exception classes, creating modules and best practices for building libraries.
This practical course is supplied with lots of exercises, providing backlog for both starters and quick learners, and extra assignments that can be practiced at home.
Intended audience: Engineers with an experience in any script or compiled language.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of any programming language, basic notions of Object Oriented Programming.
23 March 2016: Python Fundamentals 
3-day training: 23/03/16 - 25/03/16
560 euro/day
Ghent - Belgium
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