Embedded C Training
28-03-2016 :: Leuven, Belgium

Organizer: Intelligent Systems / Altran

Programming C and programming C for embedded systems are two different things. In this three-day course, we will focus on the specifics of the embedded environment, and of programming in C in these environments.The first day is about the embedded context. We will explain why it is important to learn to know your hardware, your tool chain, and how to write good code on an embedded system. 

Day two is entitled Running the system. In great detail, we will go over the boot process, the startup-code, the C runtime environment, the C library, linker scripts and handling interrupts. 
The last day extends the running system from day two with ways to manage your embedded system. Different methods to get stuff done on your target device will be presented. Ranging from an endless loop, to a full-blown real-time OS, and all the considerations that come with those. 
Each day we will alternate between theory and hands-on exercises on an embedded development board, to keep things exciting. It is important to be familiar with the C programming language already, before attending this course.
Topics: Embedded vs. desktop C, towards the main function, booting a system, the ABI, Assembler vs. C., Compiler vs. Linker, Linked Scripts, Casting, Bitwise Operations, C Standard Library, Superloops, scheduling, interrupts, interrupt vector table, GDB, Makefile, Memory Aware Programming, Static, const, volatile keywords.
Prerequisites: a solid understanding of C (see C fundamentals).
28 March 2016: Embedded C 
3- day training: 28/03/16 - 30/03/16
560 euro/day
Leuven - Belgium
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