Smart Health Solutions
18-04-2016 :: Corda Campus, Hasselt

Organizer: DSP Valley, imec, Flanders Bio

Good health is a precious asset. Evolutions in science, production technologies, IT, life sciences, society etc. enable a smart support of health and health care.  At this event, the focus will be on nanoelectronics as a powerful tool for the development of smart diagnostics, smart monitoring and active stimulation.

Speakers from industry and research institutions introduce you to the field of smart health, by sharing their experiences and inspiring innovations. They will focus on both the product and its application, and the development phase.  

This is the final event arising from the GENEESS project (GEzonder door Nano-Elektronica En Slimme Specialisatie (2013-2016)) in which DSP Valley and IMEC bundled forces to support companies in developing smart health solutions by using micro and nanoelectronics. 

At the same time, we proudly launch XKET4HEALTH (1). With XKET4HEALTH, DSP Valley and FlandersBio will nurture an ecosystem in which 2 key enabling technologies – micro- and nanoelectronics and life sciences – meet to develop solutions in the health domain. Both projects are supported by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


(1) XKET4HEALTH: read as cross-ket-for-health;  Health Applications at the cross roads of 2 Key Enabling Technologies (KET)



  • 12.00-13.00: Registration and sandwich lunch
  • 13.00-13.15: Opening session: GENEESS, where did it take us?
     Annelies Vandamme, Project Manager DSP Valley
  • 13.15-13.45: Feed your innovation - Think outside your industry 
    Ann Van Mele, Business Development Surgical Tools & Implants, Verhaert Masters in Innovation
    The medical industry faces major challenges to develop and produce more cost effective products and to develop products with clinical added value whilst suffering from cost cuts and more stringent regulations. Innovation strategies like cost reduction and incremental feature are just not good enough to give a sustainable inflow of new successful products on the market in order to realize a differentiated offering and protect the market share. Breakthrough product innovation is needed to cope with these challenges. One very interesting method to support breakthrough innovation is “Technology transfer”. Transferring technology from one sector to the another is a proven method to chase open innovation and enable successful innovations on a system level.


  • 13.45-14.15:  The quest for comfortable implanted sensors
    Robert Puers, Full Professor KU Leuven, ESAT-MICAS
    Designing an implantable sensor for biological signals requires, besides miniaturization, low power consumption and ease of data collection, a careful attention to biocompatibility and biotolerance. The selected packaging strategy absolves the function of protecting the implantable sensor from the hostile body environment and from the diffusion in the implant of corrosive body fluids. We will focus on the design and the haemocompatible packaging strategy proposed for an intravascular pressure sensor and on a wireless module for cardiac wall acceleration sensing. Finally an outlook to the development of a stretchable sensor network for physiological measurements in the bladder wall will be presented. Main focus will lay on improving the acceptability of the implants and how to improve their co-existence in human tissue.

  • 14.15 – 14.45 Guide for the development of medical technology
    Filip Ponsaerts , Project Manager cEDM , imec
    Medical devices can not just be put in the market.The regulatory  framework must be taken into account. But that is not easy when  adding electronics to active devices. As a part of the project GENEESS a guide has been developed in which this issue is being  dealt with. The toolkit allows starters to quickly and easily estimate  their strengths and weaknesses.
  • 14.45-15.15 Break with drinks
  • 15.15- 15.45 The pill beyond the pill: enabling connected smart pharmaceuticals
    Yves Decadt, CEO, Medimetrics 
    Digital technologies are transforming healthcare, a new phase of integration between pharmaceuticals and devices is being led by digital technologies, leading to Smart Pharmaceuticals and Connected Drug-Device Combinations (CDDCs). Pharma and device companies will benefit from it. The presentation will focus on the impact of this digital evolution in general, and how Medimetrics acts in this new field. 
  • 15.45-16.15 Your health in the blink of an eye
    Patrick De Boever, Project manager Connected Health, VITO
    The digitization of ophthalmic images has opened up possibilities for early disease detection and reduction of preventable blindness across the globe. The presentation will highlight advances in high-end imaging techniques and introduce devices based around smartphones. Retinal image analysis as a comfortable solution for smart health monitoring will be discussed in detail.
  • 16.15-16.45 Active implants: from technology to application through user centred design
    Bart Hermans, CEO, Zenso & Joost Thurman, Business Development, Achilles Design
    Achilles Design and Zenso jointly developed several active implantable medical devices for different applications: sleep apnea treatment (Nyxoah), deep brain stimulation (Synapse), neurostimulation (Gecko) and EEG measurement (HypoSafe).
    Zenso is a Leuven based ISO13485 electronic design house and takes care of electronics, soft-& firmware.  Achilles Design, a user-centered product design agency from Mechelen,  makes sure that the implants offer an optimal user experience for all the different stakeholders: the patient, the surgeon & the nurse.
  • 16.45-17.00 Smart Health offering new business opportunities – where will    XKET4HEALTH take  us
    Peter Simkens, Managing Director, DSP Valley –  Henk Joos, Managing Director, FlandersBio
  • 17.00-18.00 Reception

Practical information

Venue:  Corda Campus, CORDABAR (auditory is in the building next to the Cordabar), Kempische Steenweg 311/0.03, 3500 Hasselt (easily accessible by public transport). Check the route description

12.00-13.00u: registration and sandwich lunch in CORDABAR (building next to auditory, see description

13.00-17.00u: presentations in AUDITORY = building next to Cordabar, same building as Corda Latte/Corda Cuisine (see description)

17.00: reception

When: April 18th, 2016
Fee: Members DSP Valley, cEDM & FlandersBio: 50 € (VAT incl.); Non-members: 100 € (VAT incl); (=participation event, incl. catering)

Registrations through this registration form until April 13
Questions? Please contact Annelies Vandamme (+32 16 24 14 43;
GENEESS and XKET4HEALTH are financially supported by the Flemish Government (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship).


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