Visionary Workshop The future of high-end imaging
06-04-2016 :: Brussels - Belgium

Organizer: Caeleste

Caeleste presents The future of high-end imaging workshop to be held on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 from 13:30 – 17:40 at the Square meeting Center, Kunstberg – Mont des Arts in Brussels. This seminar will run in conjunction with the SPIE Photonics Europe Conference.



The first image sensing CCDs in the middle seventies of last centuries have revolutionized the world of imaging drastically.  Well established film producing companies have disappeared completely or had to re-invent themselves.
At this moment almost every person has at least 2 to 5 imaging devices immediately under his hands.  Also the use of imaging devices and light analysis devices has seen an incredible evolution over the last years not only in consumer applications, but also in medical imaging, life science tools and industrial vison. Nowadays 23 Mpixels in a package outline of 7.5*6.0 mm are not exceptional.
Along with the developments in the visible field, also Silicon read-out based focal planes in other wavelengths ranges (X-ray to IR) have seen ab incredible evolution.
The era of self-navigating and self-deciding vehicles and cars, is almost at our doorstep.  Specifications in medical and life-science imaging exceed the present capabilities of circuits and technologies.  The Internet-of-Things will require a host of new, very specific sensors, where the use and deployment is only hampered by the human imagination.
In this perspective we want to reflect with you about the requirements for future image sensors and their requirements for design tools, testing and manufacturing technologies.


  • 13:30-13:40 Jan Vermeiren – Caeleste - Welcome
  • 13:40-14:10 Jochem Herrmann – Adimec - CCD is history, CMOS is the future: Still many challenges ahead!
  • 14:10-14:40 Karsten Sengebusch – Eureca - Prediction the performance and image quality of CMOS image sensors.
  • 14:40-15:10 Benoit Dupont – Pyxalis -20 bit image sensors using dual processor architectures
  • 15:10-15:40 Coffee Break
  • 15:40-16:10 Ajit Kumar Kalgi – Caeleste - High Dynamic Range, shot noise limited Imagers with global shutter.
  • 16:10-16:40 Jan Bosiers – Teledyne-Dalsa - Wafer-scale CMOS imagers for medical X-ray imaging
  • 16:40-17:10 Gert Finger – ESO - Large format, high speed, ≤ 1 e-rms image sensors for ground-based astronomy
  • 17:10-17:40 Nick Nelms – ESA-ESTEC
  • High-performance image sensors in space – the shape of things to come
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