Imec Technology Forum - ITF
24-05-2016 :: Brussels - Belgium

Organizer: imec

DSP Valley supports Imec Technology Forum as a communication partner. ITF Brussels is the flagship of the worldwide series of Imec Technology Forums.A venue not to miss in our sector!

Imec explains:

Each year, we gather experts and visionaries in a two-day event to discuss the future in technology and bringing tech-innovation to market. Two days packed with exclusive keynotes, insightful presentations and networking opportunities. Two days at an unique conference venue in the heart of Brussels, at May 24-25!

This year s theme is: Daring to take a different view - Nanotechnology in the hot seat
Innovation doesn t always come with a single spark of insight. It’s often the result of endless questions, discussions, challenges, and being daring enough to toss out solutions that may seem smart, but just aren t the right answer. 
At ITF2016, we will look at nanotechnology from different angles, question its future course, identify its use in new applications, and offer different paths for powering the future through the power of nanotechnology.
Innovation is your and our work.  Join us at ITF2016 as we put speakers and ideas in the hot seat to find solutions together.
Join us on May 24-25 in Brussels!
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Who should attend?

Whether you are interested in scientific and technical advances, driven by business opportunities, or looking for bright ideas and insights, join us at ITF2016 Brussels.
At the forum, we will welcome you as a valuable member of our expert audience of around 1,000 attendees – industry experts, business leaders, policy makers, futurists, technology gurus, analysts and investers – to discuss the future in semiconductor technologies and nanoelectronics-based innovations.
If you are involved in high-tech innovation, from a business, technology or policy perspective, you should not miss this unique opportunity.
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At ITF a workshop will be organized: 

WORKSHOP Production and prototyping services for ICs and smart systems

Wednesday May 25th,  14:30 - 17:00
Imec offers a host of services to help companies design innovative products and get them to market. We fulfill the need of companies to get access to, and to receive support for, de-risking highly complex technology developments. Imec supports these companies during the development process and offers  a realistic and cost effective path towards market capitalization by offering industrialization and production services for both embedded systems as well as integrated circuits. 
For embedded systems customers imec offers an integrated approach that helps to turn game-changing technologies into great future business opportunities. Over the past ten years, clients worldwide have engaged with imec both for its research as well as its industrialization activities. Among many are, for example, kits for rapidly screening Ebola, or hyperspectral cameras that are mounted in drones for agricultural inspections. Our creative team takes concepts from research through development and into manufacturing, always focused on creating added value for leading-edge products and services. Finally, prototyping and low volume manufacturing help to eliminate ambiguities, address challenges early on and get feedback from the market quickly.
For markets as diverse as medical, wireless, automotive, IOT…,  customers find in imec a single entry point to the leaders in semiconductor technology. Imec has an unique global network of trusted partners across the entire semiconductor value chain, including leading IC design houses, wafer foundries, assembly houses and test houses. Imec technology experts provide support, IC design services and PCB design for manufacturing consultancy. Using imec s truly flexible services allows customers to focus on innovation and to realize their growth ambition.
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imec hopes to welcome you there! 


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