Intelligent products with energy harvesting
20-09-2016 :: VUB, campus Kaai, Nijverheidskaai 170, 1070 Anderlecht

Organizer: VUB, Sirris and DSP Valley

Always wanted to know more about Energy Harvesting ? Curious about intelligent products with energy autonomy ? Join us on September 20th, 2016 for a seminar on intelligent products using energy harvesting. This seminar is the closing activity of a TETRA research project conducted by VUB and Sirris.


September 20th, 2016. We start at 13hr30


VUB, campus Kaai
Nijverheidskaai 170
1070 Anderlecht


  • 13hr30-14hr00: registration
  • 14hr00-15hr00: project results of TETRA-IPEH (Intelligent Products using Energy Harvesting) - Sam De Winne - Niek Blondeel/VUB
    We will present energy harvesters based on light, differences in temperature and vibrations. For all these harvesters we measured the amount of energy that can be harvested and developed an energy meter to determine the energy need of some application.
    We will show 2 usecases to illustrate the feasability of establishing communication with LORA and BLE, based on energy harvesting.
  • 15hr00-15hr30: Case: tracker for railway wagons - Joeri Spitaels/QraQon
    This application uses photovoltaics to power a system enabling the user to track the position of a cargo wagon every 15  minutes with an accuracy of 2 meters
  • 15hr30-16hr00: The IoT will suffocate under piles of batteries - Geoffroy Gosset/E-Peas
  • 16hr00-16hr30: Energy Harvesting in Health and Care applications - Ludo Cuypers/COMmeto
  • 16hr30-17hr00: Towards an autonomous environmental monitoring network with solar based embedded energy harvesters - Abdellah Touhafi/Lumency
    An introduction will be given on the use of low power communication technologies and low-power sensing techniques in combination with integrated solar panels to build an autonomous environmental assessment network. Abilities and limitations of the first prototypes will be discussed.
  • 17hr00-17hr30: Demo
  • 17hr30: Reception and networking


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