Nanotechnology for health
09-09-2016 :: imec Leuven, Belgium

Organizer: imec

 A scientist is not just a biologist or a chemist, an innovation leader or an engineer. This is certainly the case in the fields of health and biomedicine, where nanotechnology and nano-materials will fundamentally impact next decades’ evolutions. The first day visionary event with expert speakers stimulates creative thinking and reinvents trends or roadmaps by questioning subjects. The 3 day course is an opportunity to learn what is going on in related fields and to get to know colleagues from historically disjunct communities: electronics engineering, applied material sciences and life sciences.

Who should attend

Young researchers, PhD students and professionals in the field of health, biotechnology and engineering with an interest for cross-disciplinary issues - where applications, science and hard-core technology meet.
September 19 - 22, 2016

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