Functional GUI Testing: building a test automation framework in C#
06-12-2016 :: Gaston Geenslaan 9, Leuven

Organizer: Altran

Automating functional or acceptance tests on the GUI level can be challenging, especially keeping your test suite maintainable and flexible and the refactoring effort to a minimum through multiple sprint iterations.

In this P&B (check the About us if you want to know what this is) I will illustrate how to develop a maintainable GUI automation framework from scratch.

I will walk you through a functional example of such a framework and discuss architecture, good & bad practices and useful tools & libraries.

For those of you who would like to get their hands a little dirty beforehand (which could certainly help with fully grasping the pitfalls of GUI automation): I will be automating MailWasher Free with TestStack.White in a Windows 8 environment.

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