B2B with Minalogic
26-04-2017 :: Grenoble, France

Organizer: Minalogic

As you already know, on April 26th 2017, our Silicon Europe partner Minalogic organizes its yearly international B2B event. Thanks to our intensive collaboration with this French cluster from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, we can offer you an attractive opportunity for exploration of cross regional collaboration. Several DSP Valley members did already participate in this event in the past, often resulting in new leads.

The Minalogic Business Meetings event explicitly distinguishes between “buyers” and “sellers”. Companies looking for solutions (buyers) can participate for free. They have to indicate what they are looking for and will not be able to meet other buyers. Companies providing solutions (sellers) normally pay a registration fee of 650 euro. Providers of solutions can also opt for a booth. Such a booth usually costs 1 050 euro.

Special DSP Valley offer

As DSP Valley member, you can participate for 300 euro.
We can offer you a booth for only 750 euro.
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Already participating at this years event:

Arc en Ciel, Biboard,  Coservit, Eolane, Magillem, Morphosense, Reactiv IP, Rtone, Thalès, Terabee, Pyxalis, Witekio, Micross components, Hamamatsu, Engie, Radiall, Somfy, Cea Leti, Watch Live, Aprobise, Aryballe, Smartmeup, NMBS/ SNCF, Harmonie Mutuelle, Bepost, Michelin, Bouygues Construction.

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