Nightingale seeks innovative partners to deliver healthcare solutions for wireless monitoring and identification of high-risk patients
31-03-2017 :: Brussels Airport

Organizer: Nightingale

Nightingale mobilises a buyers group of five leading European academic hospitals (UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands; Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden; University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom; University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium and University Hospital Aachen, Germany). The Nightingale group have received over 5 million euro in a competitive EU Horizon 2020 PCP call to challenge industry to help reduce death and disability from undetected deterioration. The Nightingale group is looking for interested parties who can develop innovative wireless, wearable technology that can be coupled with intelligent analysis software to monitor patients in the ward and at home.

The solution should consist of one or more unobtrusive wireless sensors that do not interfere with the patient’s daily activities or rehabilitation. Intelligent analysis software is a key feature of the requested system, as the false alarm rate must be extremely low to be acceptable to the users. It should be well-integrated into the hospital’s electronic medical record system. The sensors should involve a mechanism that allows patients and informal carers to communicate with their healthcare team, and allow entry of qualitative data (e.g. pain and well-being scores). We expect that successful implementation of such a system will empower patients and carers. It will have the potential to transform healthcare by reducing death and disability from undetected deterioration, and can provide a ‘safety net’ to high-risk patients after discharge home.

More information about the needs and the solutions requirements via Nightingale Common Challenge document.

Confirm your interest via the interested parties questionnaire

Meetings about the upcoming open market consultation will be held on

  • 10am-6pm, 31 March 2017 at Brussels Airport
  • 10am-6pm, 6 April 2017 at Munich Airport

DSP Valley contact: Annelies Vandamme

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