2nd Smart implant & (Bio-)medical imaging platform meetings
27-06-2017 :: imec

Organizer: DSP Valley and FlandersBio

Join us on June 27th  for the 2nd Smart implant & (Bio-)medical imaging platform meetings with a focus on neurology.

DSP Valley and flanders.bio launched these platforms to support innovations in the healthcare domain at the crossroads of the Key Enabling Technologies of biotechnology and digital technologies.

Companies and academic partners will present their technology and expertise in the field of Neurology, from the imaging (morning session) and the implant perspective (afternoon session).  After the coffee break in the afternoon we will learn from the experiences with implants in the clinic. We will close the day with a short workshop on how cooperation between technology, pharma and clinical practice can be enhanced.
Those who are interested, can finally join for a guided visit through the imec laboratories.

Programme of the day

Imaging platform
10:30-10:45: Intro imec/NERF
10:45-11:00: Medical Imaging and Signal Processing (MEDISIP), UGent (Christian Vanhove, Prof)
11:00-11:15: Bio-Imaging Lab, UAntwerpen (Elisabeth Jonckers, post-doc)
11:15-11:30: icometrix  (Dirk Loeckx, COO)
11:30-11:45: Lyscaut (Hugo Jansen, CEO)
11:45-12:00: Medical Imaging Research Center (MIRC), KU Leuven (Barbara Weyn, IOF fellow)

12:00-13:30: IMEC Demos & Lunch

Implants platform
13:30-13:45: Peira (Hans Nicasy, CEO)
13:45-14:00: UCB (Kasper Claes, Associate Director, Data Analytics)
14:00-14:15: Caeleste (Bert Luyssaert, Project Manager)
14:15-14:30: Boston Scientific (Jan Weber, Senior Research Fellow)
14:30-14:45: Atlas Neuroengineering (Arno Aarts, CEO)
14:45-15:00: Medtronic (Wouter Souverijns, Software Engineer)
15:00-15:30: Pauze
15:30-15:50: University Hospital Ghent: Neurostimulation, clinical practice (Kristl Vonck, Professor)
15:50-16:30: Workshop:  How can technology, pharma and clinical practice boost one another? (moderated by HICT, Henk Vansteenkiste & Wouter Van Putte)

16:30-17:30: reception/imec tour

Practical information

  • The participation fee is 50 euro for members of flanders.bio & DSP Valley (including academia & government) and 100 euro for non-members. (non-refundable)
  • register before June 21st 2017
  • The event takes place at the imec Tower, Leuven (Gaston Geenslaan, Heverlee) 
    Route Description
  • Questions?  Dont hesitate to contact us!  Annelies Vandamme, Project manager Smart Health, T: +32 16 24 14 43 

This event is held within the framework of the XKET4HEALTH-project, funded by VLAIO, and executed by DSP Valley & FlandersBio in collaboration with AnSem, Biocartis, Cochlear and NxP.


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