HYPEREGIO: Partner Matching Smart Industry
16-03-2018 :: Corda Campus Hasselt

Organizer: DSP Valley

DSP Valley and the other project partners in the HYPEREGIO Innovation2Market project kindly invite you for the Smart Industry Partner matching.

Industry 4.0 is a major challenge for industrial players in our region. It means the integration of a number of technologies into the manufacturing process in order to make it more tuneable, measurable, flexible, controllable… . A lot of manufacturers know about the trend, but have no idea how to prepare for it or what to do to be “industry 4.0” compliant. They will certainly need partners to team-up with to face the present challenges.





This matchmaking will tackle the subject(s) of quality control and inspection. The goal is to inform and to bring together people from different stages in the value chain, to exchange experiences and challenges on the topic of quality control and measurements. During the event we will try to match the demand with the offering, the problem with a solution and this in a cross-border way of cooperation.


  • 13hr00 : registration of the participants
  • 13hr30 : Welcome and introduction HYPEREGIO - Ralf P. Meyer, AGIT
  • 13hr40 : Industry 4.0 also revolutionizes quality control - Arnoud de Kuijper, Averna Technologies
  • 14hr10 : Millimeter waves for quality control: from a lab environment into an industrial production environment - Tom Redant, Hammer-IMS
  • 14hr30 : pitching session
    • FIR - RWTH Aachen: Industry 4.0 @ eLAB Aachen - Our approach to an IoT-driven Quality Management at a battery cell production.
    • Aiming: Aiming offers a software suite to plan execute and calculate your maintenance schedule. Next to manual planning, we also deliver autonomous, sensor-driven signaling and planning
    • University of Antwerp: About the use of 3D x-ray imaging for inspection and quality control.
    • Yazzoom: We would like to present two aspects relevant to the topic of QC and inspection: Virtual Sensors and Cognitive Machine Vision
    • Datastories:With DataStories, worlds first AI/Machine Learning software for non-data scientist, any organisation can now become an Industry 4.0 organisation. Running DataStories on top of tens or thousands of component and process parameters, companies get insights and a focus-strategy to optimize eg. their quality targets.
    • Flanders Make: What if your inspection solution is not sufficient ?
    • Thales Alenia Space: Ambitions and opportunities for
    • Vision++: Vision for quality inspection
    • SAC Nederland: Particle Deposition Monitor
  • 15hr30 : short break
  • 15hr45 : 1-on1 meetings
  • 17hr00 : networking


Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.

Please use the online registration form

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