Smart Mobility Workshop @ Advanced Engineering
17-05-2018 :: Flanders Expo Ghent

Organizer: DSP Valley

On Thursday, 17 May, 2018, DSP Valley organizes a workshop with a focus on Smart Mobility.

Our modern society suffers from a series of problems regarding mobility. Commuters often have to face seemingly endless traffic jams and queues to get from their homes to their workplace and vice versa. Policy makers often refer to the “Smart Mobility” as a possible solution for these problems. But why are  we not there yet?

A recently conducted European survey has shown that nowadays we have the possibility to have intelligent infrastructure , we know how to build Smart Cars, we are able to produce Smart Bikes… So the technology is there, but what is keeping us from building a Smart Mobility ?
During this workshop we will elaborate on the Smart Mobility and the technological means we have to accomplish this. The presenters will look at the different Smart ways of transport from one place to the other. They will suggest and propose their solutions for a Smart Mobility, but moreover we will also try to embrace the question: what is additionally needed to embrace Smart Mobility… .


  • 14.00 – Welcome by Johan Lecocq - DSP Valley
  • 14.15 – Tim Asperges – City planner, mobility expert at the city of Leuven
    Tim wil focus on the mobility problems from the point of view of a policy maker. He will point out the difficulties and challenges and provide an insight in possible ways to solutions. The new mobility will be a Smart Mobility.
  • 14.45 – Jan Cools – CEO and Founder of BE-Mobile
    What are the possibilities to use smart cars in smart traffic management, reducing the needs for physical road infrastructure. The need for central intelligence and road network optimization in the evolution towards autonomous connected vehicles in order to increase road safety and transport efficiency in a sustainable way.
  • 15.15 – Dirk Joos – Managing Director Lab-Box
    Lab Box is a Belgian start-up accelerator focusing on the future of mobility. Lab Box has the ambition to promote and develop new mobility solutions that will make cities more liveable and enjoyable in the future. Belgium is one of the most congested countries in the world. This is one of the reasons why Lab Box decided to make this small but complex piece of land its living laboratory. In the coming years, the team will put all its energy to improve mobility of people and goods in a scalable & sizeable way. Lab Box is backed by D’Ieteren Auto, a company active in the automobile distribution and retail.
  • 15.45 – Wrap-up by DSP Valley


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