Workshop : How can IoT optimize comfort, health, safety and security in buildings?
04-12-2018 :: The Beacon, Antwerp


Smart Buildings for enhanced user experience
How can IoT optimize comfort, health, safety and security in buildings?

The global market for smart buildings has ballooned over the past decade, reaching $58.1 billion in 2017 and expected to grow to $198 billion by 2025. For the past decade, this investment has been focused on building automation systems that use IoT (Internet of Things) to collect and analyze data from HVAC, security systems and other sources. Maximizing energy efficiency and reducing occupancy costs are good reasons to invest in IoT technology, but the real benefit is in increased building user experience through optimized comfort, safety and health conditions.

This workshop aims at capturing the full value of Facility Management solutions enabled by Internet of Things solutions. Demand and supply side actors are mobilized in a co-creative process to define concrete cases and to initiate action.

This workshop will

  • Inspire through the involvement of entrepreneurial cases and insights from technology experts.
  • Lead to concrete cases ready for further elaboration
  • Engage stakeholders for action


12u00: Welcome & Sandwichlunch

13u00: Setting the scene

13u15: Inspirational talks about comfort, health, safety and security

  • Technology update
  • Challenges for Facility Management
  • Inspirational cases
  • Business testimonials

14u45: Co-creative brainstorm

  • Explore opportunities
  • Prioritize themes
  • Engage for action

16u45: Wrap up

  • Results
  • Next steps

17u15: Drinks


The number of participants is limited and based on acceptance by the organizing partners. Do you want to be part of this select group? Register here.

The workshop is free for members of the organizing clusters (Smart Buildings in Use and SmartCi-ties.Vlaanderen—IoT4Society), €50 for non-members.


December 4, 2018 – 12u


The Beacon, Antwerp


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