Disease Prevention
29-01-2019 :: Leuven

Organizer: flanders.health

In order to facilitate the development of collaborative projects between companies and between companies and research institutes, flanders.health launches a set of workshops in Q1&2 of 2019. The first one is on “Disease Prevention” and takes place in Leuven on January 29. The afternoon programme starts with short presentations setting the scene. Afterwards the participating companies get the opportunity to pitch (10 minute presentations) and highlight project ideas in the field of disease prevention. 

These presentations are followed by breakout sessions. Here the projects are discussed in more details.

So if you want to develop new life sciences, digital or medical technological solutions, you can submit your project idea/project proposal (1 A4 max) and send it to Katrien Lorre.

Please think broad: new technological solutions are emerging in the health space and disease prevention can be tackled from many different angles, including life style, early diagnosis, healthy food, monitoring…


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