Future Summits 2019
14-05-2019 :: Antwerp

Organizer: imec

FutureSummits is imecs brand-new tech experience; a series of international events hosted by imec in different countries and continents.The edition on 14-15 May in Antwerp is a made up of three conferences and a vast interactive demo exhibition.Each of the three conferences presents a different perspective on our tech future:

  • Imec Technology Forum Belgium   – Groundbreaking innovations powered by nano and digital technology
  • Forward Dive  – Mind-blowing visions on how technology will change the society of tomorrow
  • AI Flanders  – Opportunities and cases to leverage Artificial Intelligence for your business

Each conference hosts a speaker line-up of renowned experts. They re invited to share their views and insights from a tech perspective (ITF Belgium), a societal point of view (Forward Dive), or a business perspective (AI Flanders). The vast tech exhibition showcases 55 interactive demos of tech breakthroughs, research advances, applications and solutions for Smart Health, Smart Mobility, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, VR, Smart Energy and more.

Why attend FutureSummits?

FutureSummits offers a one-off opportunity to experience and discuss the future, future systems, roadmaps, impact of technology on business and society, and collaboration opportunities.


  • Witness world-renowned tech experts and visionaries
  • Be amazed by inspirational talks about how our society will evolve building on the advantages of new technologies
  • Gain front-row insights on research advances and their applications
  • Interact with high-potential solutions in smart domains
  • Exchange with 2,000 global and local innovators

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