Personalized medicine event
28-05-2019 :: Leuven

Organizer: is the business network bridging technologies for healthcare innovation. It is an Innovative Business Network (IBN), recently set up by 3 renowned regional industry clusters;, DSP Valley and MedTech Flanders. s goal is to develop new business opportunities in the healthcare domain, by setting up collaborative projects between companies active in life science, digital or medical technologies.

In the first quarter of this year, a call for proposals in the domain of Personalised Medicine was launched. The call ended up with more than 40 business ideas. These projects aim at improvements in healthcare enabled by biomarker discovery and validation for early onset detection, data gathering and analytics for patient diagnosis and therapy follow-up (including life style and wearable data), digital modelling and prediction of medical interventions, smart implantables, advanced manufacturing techniques for personalized drugs or prosthesis, artificially intelligent diagnosis, smart logistics for cell therapy,…

All of the submitted projects are looking for expertise to get their ideas realised. To drive these toward business fruition, we invite you, as potential partner, to the Personalised Medicine event, that will be organized in Leuven on May 28th 2019. This Connect workshop will give the project holders the opportunity to pitch for you within thematic sessions. Besides a matchmaking tool will be offered.
This event aims to kick-start cross-over partnerships and projects to accelerate the development of innovative healthcare solutions. It is open to members only and falls within a Connect membership. If you want to offer your expertise and/or services and to connect with the project holders, we kindly ask you to apply for a Connect membership (if not already).


Registration for the personalised medicine event on May 28th is open. You can check the programme and register here
Do not hesitate to contact us further on this matter.
For more info, please contact: 
Katrien Lorré  for
Ruth Beckers for MedTech Flanders
Johan Lecocq for DSP Valley

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