B2B Matchmaking Artificial Intelligence
21-11-2019 :: KHG Aachen, Pontstrasse 74-76, aachen

Organizer: HYPEREGIO

DSP Valley and the HYPEREGIO project partners kindly invite you for an upcoming B2B Matchmaking workshop on Artificial Intelligence. Although AI is a very general term and applications are common in different domains, we would like to have this workshop to enable Belgian, Dutch and German companies to get to know each other. Three clusters (REGINA from Aachen, RESEAU AI from Liege and DSP VALLEY) will participate in an attempt to initiate cross-border cooperation in this domain.


  • 09.30 h Registration
  • 10.00 h Welcome - Ralf P. Meyer, AGIT mbH
  • 10.10 h Impulse Lecture - Gernot Feldhaus, Cognesys GmbH, Aachen (D)
  • 10.30 h Impulse Lecture - Flanders Make, Leuven (B) (TBC)

  • 10.50 h Coffee Break

  • 11:05 Digital Innovation Platform DIP
  • 11:20 PITCHING SESSION – approx. 10 companies present their needs and / or offers –
    •  Blacklight Analytics, Liège (B):
      “Intelligent software solutions for energy systems”
      Blacklight Analytics is a company specializing in the design of intelligent software solutions for the energy sector. The company is particularly active in the field of electricity markets and designs smart solutions for operating distribution networks with a high-penetration level of renewable energies and demand-side management.
      Blacklight Analytics offers software solutions for planning and operating electric distribution networks and energy systems in general. We also develop tailored software that helps actors of the energy industry to optimize their strategic, operational and commercial decisions by leveraging state-of-the-art predictive analytics algorithms.
    • Cognesys GmbH, Aachen (D):
      “We understand what your customers mean. Anywhere and anytime.”
      cognesys is a high-tech company and spin-off of RWTH Aachen University offering a unique semantic technology that is unparalleled around the globe (EU and US patents). We are a highly motivated and efficient, competent and innovative team: Our Software Engineers develop solutions for speech- and text-based applications. Our Semantics Experts build knowledge bases that are universally applicable for customer service, market research and process automation.
      We are looking for a Bussines Partner that offers our solution in the are of Customer Service, market research and process automation. We offer the best in class solution for understanding texts.
    • nablet GmbH, Aachen (D)
      nablet is a leading provider of transcoding, codec, streaming, media processing, automated metadata and MXF technologies which are used widely in entertainment, broadcasting, OTT and related industries that create, process and deliver video.
      We are looking for partners to integrate our technology into their products – or jointly develop new products. We also look for a strategic investment in some new business areas.
    • Yazzoom, Ghent (B)
      We are looking for partners to integrate our AI-powered anomaly detection, predictive and diagnostic analytics solution for industrial assets into their own product or service offering, to target specific sectors.
    • Septentrio, Leuven (B)
      As an expert in GPS and GNSS localisation technology Septentrio will elaborate on AI techniques to reinforce and improve localisation using these technologies. Septentrio is looking for partners that use these technologies in their applications to see if AI can provide a benefit
    • E.D.&A., Kalmthout (B)
      ED&A will pitch on the possibilities of using AI in custom made end products. They will elaborate on overcome challenges and are looking for manufacturers that want to integrate electronics using AI and machine learning.
    • Techwatch, Eindhoven (NL)
      High Tech Institute is the most profound institute for high-end technical trainings and courses on leadership for technical professionals in The Netherlands. Our trainings are sold world wide. We are looking for trainers and trainings on artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning.
    • XL Lab (B)
    • Pepite, Liege (B):
      Industries have accumulated a huge amout of data and plant staff has an extended knowledge of process. How to link this two sides in order to optimize plant eficiency and take fact-based decisions?
    • Team4Hire, Maastricht (NL):
      we will pitch on the commercialisation of research in machine Learning

  • 13:00 MATCHMAKING (1 on 1 Meetings)
  • 14:00 Get-together with Snack & Drinks


The participation is free of charge. Please register here

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