Flexible Electronics and Smart Textiles
15-11-2019 :: Zwarte Doos, Campus TU Eindhoven

Organizer: DSP Valley

Flexible Electronics is a technology that offers huge growth potential. New processing methods provide the promise to realise light, thin, flexible and portable electronics on a large scale. The technology is new, what implies that players often work on one specific aspect in the value chain and that the end customer must set up this value chain by himself.

A specific form of flexible electronics is Smart Textile: According to various studies the market for smart textiles and wearables is expected to enter an exponential growth phase for the European market. The majority of the applications are concentrated in 4 main fields: Protection & Defence, Sports & Fitness, Industrial and Technical Applications and Medical & Healthcare. These markets show a particularly  great  potential  for SMEs to offer customised and niche market solutions with interesting cross-sectoral value chain impact.

This workshop will focus on Flexible Electronics in general and Smart Textiles in detail. We will bring together the compamies (SMEs) and research actors, necessary to advance in this exciting domain! The event is organized in the framework of the HYPEREGIO and the BusyBee project.


  • 13hr00 – registration and welcome of the participants
  • 13hr30 – introduction about HYPERGIO and BusyBee
  • 13hr45 – Presentation Flexlines and Flexible Electronics, with inputs from Margreet De Kok, TNO - Auke Kronemeijer, TNO - Riet Labie, imec - Kris Myny, imec
  • 14hr15 – Presentation Smart Textiles - Mark Croes, Centexbel
  • 14hr35 – Pitches research groups
    • TU Eindhoven - Electrical Engineering: the application of flexible electronics to the measurement of biopotentials like EMG and ECG
    • Fontys University of Applied sciences: In the research group Applied Natural Sciences projects are executed in the area of in the area of organic and printed electronics.
      electronics. Examples of investigated printed printed flexible devices are RFID antennas antennas, electroluminescent displays and and loudspeakers.
    • Hasselt University: Silicone Devices - durable stretchable electronics
    • TU Eindhoven: the stimuli-responsive functional materials & devices group
  • 15hr15 – break
  • 15hr45 – Pitches companies
    • BodyGraph (TBC)
    • Neuroteg AI
    • Jessica Smarsch (TBC)
    • Fibrothelium (TBC)
  • 16hr25 – networking and matchmaking
  • 17hr30 - end


Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.
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