Webinar AAL (Active Assisted Living) call
04-02-2020 ::

Organizer: flanders.health

Flanders.health, the innovative company network in health, wants to promote cooperation between companies and knowledge institutions in the domains of Disease Prevention, Personalized Medicine and Home Care. This collaboration between flanders.bio, DSP Valley and MedTech Flanders successfully guided the VLAIO ICON on personalized medicine in 2019.

There will be a number of European funding opportunities in the coming months for which calls will be published shortly. This includes the Active Assited Living (AAL) call and a multilateral EUREKA call on healthy Aging. These calls are supported via the VLAIO subsidy channels for Innovation.

Industry partners, whether or not together with research institutions and / or social profit organizations, can participate in this. During the webinar, VLAIO and flanders.health will discuss these financing opportunities, in which the conditions, the financing mechanism, the application procedure and the next steps will be explained.

Join  the Webinar with VLAIO about upcoming European health related funding opportunities. (Open to all)
Flanders.Health successfully facilitated the Personalized Medicine VLAIO ICON call in 2019 and is eager to inform the network about upcoming European health related calls for R&D projects opening in Q1 2020.

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