Smart Bike

The Smart Bike project is an initiative by DSP Valley and Flanders Bike Valley, sponsored by VLAIO. During this 4 year project, the initiators will look for opportunities and possibilities for cooperation on the border between the Smart Electronic Systems domain and the Cycling world. The question to ask is: "What can Electronic Systems add to the cycling experience to enrich it ?". The project team supports this "cross border" innovation and accompagnies the partners on their road to new products and applications.

3 action lines

The project focusses along three main axis:

  • every application that can/will make the bike itself more intelligent, safer, more fun to ride, ... by means of the integration of electronics into the bike
  • every application that can/will make the user experience of the biker (person riding the bicycle) more intelligent, more pleasant, richer, ... by means of the integration of electronics into the bikers accessories (helmet, clothing, glasses,...)
  • every application that improves the environment, the infrastructure in which the biking is done. Again making use of smart electronics

The target group

The target group of this project is the cross-border union between the Flanders Bike Valley ecosystem and the DSP valley ecosystem. This cross-border target group contains companies and organizations that are able to start working on solutions for a better "experience" when riding a bike. The goal is to involve a large number of actors, positioned all along the value chain of creating the "Smart Bike".

Concrete goals

  • The project team has commited itself to achieve the following goals:
  • 120 company visits and one-on-one discussions
  • 24 companies supported by their innovation
  • 8 product launches
  • 12 follow-up trajectories in a funded project
  • 4 press releases
  • 2 (nominations for an) award(s)