GENEESS Nano-readiness audit


In the framework of the GENEESS project a nano-readiness audit is composed by DSP Valley and imec. This audit gauges the activities and knowledge of companies in the medical technology field. The audit is conducted  in person with 44 companies and highlights on themes focusing on technology, processes, certification and regulatory regarding developments in medical technology. The results and remarks of this audit are bundled in a report which can be downloaded by clicking this link.

DSP Valley and imec aim to keep the report up to date, so it will become a dynamic document. Therefore all companies with activities in medical technology or companies who have the intention to become active in this field are cordially invited to participate in the audit. If you are interested to conduct the audit you can always contact us for a personal appointment on the following email address (

It is also possible to conduct the audit online using the following link.

All results are treated confidential and are anonymized.