XKET4HEALTH – Smart health solutions at the crossroads of key enabling technologies. 

With XKET4HEALTH (2015-2017), DSP Valley and FlandersBio, together with AnSem, Biocartis, Cochlear and NxP, and powered by AIO, team up to nurture an ecosystem in which stakeholders from the sectors they represent  – smart electronic systems and life sciences – meet to develop solutions in the health domain. 
Smart implants, (bio-)medical imaging and lab-on-chip (applications) are the domains on which XKET4HEALTH focusses.

The goals of XKET4HEALTH are
1.    To develop roadmaps in the field of smart implants, (bio-)medical imaging and lab-on-chip (applications) through a co-design approach with the stakeholders. 
Therefore, XKET4HEALTH will:

  • Interconnect different technologies and expertise, across sectors, to develop new solutions for health. 
  • Valorize the local industrial, business and academic knowledge and innovation

2.    To identify opportunities and set up collaborations between stakeholders
3.    To identify future competency needs and provide a summer school to support the needs.

Do your activities fit into the value chain of Smart implants, (bio-)medical imaging and lab-on-chip (applications)? Then join our activities in this domain (see events).  You want to stay informed? Register here for our event mailing list 
Don not hesitate to contact Annelies Vandamme to check what we can offer you (+32 16 24 14 43 ; Annelies.Vandamme@dspvalley.com)