The business network bridging technologies for healthcare innovation, is an Innovative Business Network (IBN) set up by flanders.bio, DSP Valley and MedTechFlanders. One of flanders.health’s main objectives is to support companies active in digital and life sciences, and in medical technologies, in the development of collaborative projects within the healthcare domain.We will not only facilitate, but also support you further in the different steps that need to be taken to realize your idea.   We will match your engagement with corresponding services. 


Your engagement, as well as our services, map on the staged process of new business creation: from the inception of an idea to a successful launch.
We would like to see it as an engine to help us all foresee what will come next, hence we named it I4C. The acronym stands for: Inform, Connect, Cultivate, Consolidate and Carry
Each one of these 5 words is a level of engagement you can choose with flanders.health.  It translates to an annual membership fee and during the year of subscription you get access to all the services of that corresponding engagement level.


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