Smart Systems the Internet of Things ecosystem

Smart Systems - The internet of things ecosystem

De world is getting more and more connected. In 2020, about 25 billion devices will be (wirelessly) connected to each other. The opportunities of this connectedness are endless. We can and should take ours! Collaboration is key in this. In this project, we build the ecosystem, that in the end will strengthen the position of each organisation individually, on an international level.
The Smart Systems organisation builds on an integrated approach, in which all relevant stakeholders are involved. Together with companies, knowledge institutes and network organisations, guided by DSP Valley, business development will be secured. With and by more and more organisations. To do so, a programme was developed based on Association, Acceleration, Amplification and Acquaint.
This program is supported by hands-on, in-practice demonstration projects complementing the technological fingerprint of this ecosystem. A new Digital Experience fieldlab, together with tech-multinational Philips Innovation Services Greenhouse enables experimenting, demonstrating, validating and in the end producing: faster, better and cheaper!