Smart Vision

Vision and image processing technologies form an important part of nowadays signal processing systems and applications. DSP Valley has several member companies and institutes that are active in this fascinating domain, ranging from research centres over SMEs to the larger companies. Their activities vary from the construction of sensor chips, the construction and production of cameras as well as applications in the automation, security, medical, ... domain.

The SIG Smart Vision aims to be a networking platform for this part of the signal processing technology. DSP Valley wants to create links and partnerships in this specific domain and tries to bring the interested and interesting parties together, making sure to cover the entire value chain.
The focus of the activities will be on hardware and software for image acquisition and processing, the mathematical algorithms and the end markets to be served.

Besides forming a networking platform, DSP Valley will also reach out to other "Vision initiatives" worldwide, making sure our companies and institutes get linked with the world-class players in the "embedded vision" domain