Embedded Vision Portal

From 2010 until 2013, DSP Valley participated in the Interreg IV-A project called "Crossroads". This initiative was funded by the European commission, Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland and co-funded by a number of local authorities (see logos below). One of the deliverables for this project was this Embedded Vision Portal.

The "Crossroads" project was aimed at improving and supporting the cross-border cooperation between Flanders and the south of The Netherlands. One of the technology domains that was tackled is Embedded Vision. This Vision Portal should enable companies finding the right partner, technology, building block, ... when trying to complete their quest for an innovative embedded vision application.

Apart from the participation in "Crossroads", DSP Valley has made embedded vision into a key technological domain. To allow the different players to get to know eachother better and to facilitate partner matching this Embedded Vision Portal will be supported for the coming months and years, even when the Crossroads-project seizes to fund innovative projects.

Embedded Vision Portal

The Embedded Vision Portal has been implemented by using the Evernote software. It aims to be a collection of interesting and relevant documents. To enable intuitive and easy searching, it has been structured by means of a specific taxonomy. This taxonomy was specifically targeted to cover the entire domain on the one hand and to facilitate specific searches for a certain topic on the other hand.


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More info on Crossroads

For more info on the Crossroads project, check this website.

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