Develop entrepreneurial skills in a hightech sector!


SpinOff wants to bridge the gap between the knowledge and discoveries in the modern sciences and the opportunities these offer for hightech industrial activities. This project was set up by the UCLL, in cooperation with the University of Antwerp, University of Hasselt, KU Leuven, DSP Valley and imec, to give pupils an insight in modern science and technology, and the applications in the hightech industry.

This initiative was supported and funded by the Flemish Agentschap Ondernemen (Enterpise Flanders).


More information can be found on the project specific website


The industrial partners

During the project, the different groups of pupils had the opportunity to visit a hightech company. This visit enlightened them about the use of modern science in an industrial context to develop a real life application. Below you can find a list of the companies that were so kind to welcome a group of pupils.

Company and
Website Area of nanotechnology
Agfa Healthcare
Antwerpen - Belgium
http://www.agfahealthcare.com Diagnostic Imaging
Cochlear Technology Center
Mechelen - Belgium
http://www.cochlear.com Cochlear implants
Holst Center
Eindhoven - Netherlands
http://www.holstcentre.com/ (W)OLED technology
Leuven - Belgium
http://www.imec.be Image sensors and vision systems; thin-film electronic circuits for flexible RFIDs, flexible sensors, and flexible OLED displays; solar cells and batteries
Tessenderlo - Belgium
http://www.melexis.com/ Hall-effect Position Sensors
NXP Semiconductor
Haasrode - Belgium
http://www.nxp.com Small-signal, power and RF diodes; bipolar transistors; opto-electronics; LED Lighting; data converters; MOSFETs; media processors for automotive and consumer applications; microcontrollers
Open Manufacturing Campus
Turnhout - Belgium
http://openmanufacturingcampus.com The Open Manufacturing Campus aims to be a physical place where innovative manufacturing companies can establish themselves. OMC is aimed at production oriented companies active in the high tech, life sciences and medical technology sector.
Eindhoven- Netherlands
http://www.phenom-world.com/ Desktop scanning electron microscopes and imaging solutions for submicron scale applications.
Philips Healthcare
Eindhoven- Netherlands
http://www.medical.philips.com/ Diagnostic Imaging
Tienen - Belgium
http://www.soltech.be/nl/ Design and development of Photovoltaic (PV) panels
Gent - Belgium
http://www.tpvision.com/ Smart TV and smart interaction features, new advancements in picture quality and Ambilight.
Haasrode - Belgium
http://triphase.com/ Solutions for the fast realization of complex, high-performance, industrial power electronics applications including electric vehicles and power grid control.
Haasrode - Belgium
http://www.xenics.com/en Designs and markets infrared imagers, cores and cameras of best-in-class image quality to support innovative R&D, industrial automation, machine vision, process control and high-end security applications

The secondary schools that want to get in touch with one (or more) of these companies, can use this online form .

DSP Valley has also a broad network of technological hightech companies and organizations. More information here.