More@Mere (associated)
More@mere is the electronic production plant of the Dekimo group.
More@mere combines the quality of highly automated production lines, with the flexibility and lean structure of a Small Medium Enterprise. All the processes from component procurement, over SMD pick and place, wave soldering, testing till system/product assembly and packaging and logistics are available. It is up to the customer to decide which part of this supply chain he wants to use. More@mere is not only ISO9001 certified, but can offer full traceability down to manufacturer batch code, and has a 35 year knowhow as former Pioneer Automotive Electronics assembly plant.

Joseph Cardijnstraat 31
9420 Erpe-Mere
Tel.: +32 53 70 78 98
Fax.: +32 53 70 78 99

Mr. Johan De Temmerman
Managing Director

Mrs. Anja Van Den Broecke
Office Manager

Field of Competence