Smart systems
Imec develops smart radio systems for next-generation wireless communications. Radios will not only adapt to the communication standard, but also to the available communication frequencies and to the environment (indoor, speed, volume). With the evolution towards ambient high-resolution multimedia, radio ICs for the wireless communication of massive data streams, e.g. for HD-TV, also become indispensable. Such data streams require a massive throughput of GBits per second. Imec focuses on cost-effective, low-power 60GHz radio ICs in standard CMOS, which show high potential for the consumer market, e.g. for wireless television screens. Next to this, enhanced vision systems for real-life experience are studied.

Technologies for efficient healthcare
Imec and Holst Centre, an open innovation R&D center setup by imec and TNO, develop technologies for wearable and implantable body area networks, with low-power components, radios and sensors. These body area networks can for example be used for autonomous monitoring of patients in daily life. Also, imec researches new diagnostics and therapy systems based on nanoelectronics. These include lab-on-chip technologies and targeted therapy concepts based on nanoparticles. And imec develops technologies for in vitro and in vivo cell-IC interfaces. By integrating multi-modal (electrical, chemical, micro-fluidic, optical) sensors and actuator arrays based on micro- and nanoelectronics with biocompatible packaging and signal processing electronics novel devices are realized for use in fundamental R&D, pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical environments.

Heterogeneous microsystems
Current CMOS processes can be tuned and expanded with new processing steps to make complete miniaturized systems by adding functions other than logic and memory to the chips. Examples of this heterogeneous integration are smart sensors, MEMS, power scavengers, actuators, optical chips, biochips, and even micro-implantable appliances. Under the name CMORE, imec offers heterogeneous integration services to the industry, ranging from development-on-demand, over prototyping, to low-volume production. The CMORE solutions are implemented using imec’s 130nm/90nm/65nm CMOS processes. An extended technology portfolio is offered including a versatile SiGe above-IC MEMS process, silicon photonics, 3D packaging, design, characterization and modeling.


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