Televic Group


Televic develops, manufactures and installs high-tech communication systems for specific niche markets.To achieve success, the group is divided into independent companies that each focus on their specific market:


  • Televic Rail: passenger information solutions and electronic safety-related control systems in trains and tramways
  • Televic Healthcare: communication systems for healthcare such as nurse call, multimedia, intercom
  • Televic Conference: conference and simultaneous interpretation systems
  • Televic Education: multimedia and e-learning solutions, e-assessment and online examination for staff training, educational institutions and editors 
  • Televic Audiovisual: audiovisual equipment and solutions for conference rooms

Televic Group NV
Leo Bekaertlaan 1,
8870 Izegem
Tel.: +32 51 30 30 45
Fax.: +32 51 31 06 70

Mr. John Gesquiere
R&D Director

Field of Competence