DSP Valley is actively building a network of likeminded and complementary organizations in its programme domains.  Our European alliances are an important element in that.
They provide leverage when we want to explore business opportunities in other continents.  They are a platform for the implementation of European strategic programs.  And they are instrumental in connecting our SMEs with innovation actions of large international enterprises.
The SMART CITY TECH ALLIANCE is there to support our Cities programme, and contains cluster organizations across Europe that aspire to apply new technologies to improve the ways in which we live together.

Our SILICON EUROPE ALLIANCE unites various cluster organizations in the field of silicon and digital technologies.
Our internationalization activities hence build on two pillars: Flanders Investment and Trade is our partner to understand local customs and legislation, to point our compaies towards receptive regions, and open doors at relevant intermediaries.  Our European alliances help deliver the content, and the critical mass to set up meaningful activities.

The map below shows the extent of these European networks.

The cluster names in blue are part of the Smart City Tech Alliance 
The cluster names in green are part of the Silicon Europe Alliance

Map europe DSP Valley National Microelectronics Institute Infinit WKlaster ELectronics Technology Network Silicon South West Silicon Saxony Holland HighTech System@tic ARCSIS IT Security BICCnet Minalogic