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Global competitive cluster Minalogic fosters research-led innovation in intelligent miniaturised products and solutions for industry. Located in Grenoble, France, the cluster channels in a single physical location a range of highly-specialised skills and resources from knowledge creation to the development and production of intelligent miniaturised services for industry.
Minalogic has staked out a position as global leader in intelligent miniaturised solutions—a unique hybrid of micro- and nano-technologies and embedded software—from fundamental research to technology transfer.

The technologies developed at the cluster are applicable to all business sectors, including more traditional industries. The role of Minalogic is to respond to the business community's need to identify new value-added services that can be integrated into existing products in fields that include health care, the environment, mobility, the media, and the textile industry.

Minalogic enjoys a strategic location in Grenoble, France, a city whose internationally-renowned innovation ecosystem is known for its pioneering advances in the creation of clusters. Grenoble has a long tradition of fruitful alliances linking research, education, and industry. Effective, value-generating partnerships between public and private organisations have made Grenoble a global hub for innovation.

Grenoble has a solid culture of partnership and results-driven initiatives. The city boasts one of the largest populations of international-calibre researchers anywhere in the world, working at public and private laboratories and institutes with strong ties to business and project financiers. Minalogic today leverages the capacities of Minatec—one of the world's top centres for micro- and nano-technologies—and leading embedded software makers operating in Grenoble.

Minalogic brings together major corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, government agencies, and organisations from the public and private sectors. The cluster's focus on innovation and its participatory governance model are designed with one objective in mind: to ensure efficient, result-oriented co-operation among cluster partners.