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The National Microelectronics Institute (NMI) is the premier trade association representing the semiconductor industry in the UK and Ireland.

Its objective is to help build and support a strong micro and nano-electronics community by acting as a catalyst and facilitator for both commercial and technological development. 

A not-for-profit organisation funded by its members, the NMI has a membership that spans the supply chain and includes fabless semiconductor manufacturers, IDMs, foundries, design services, IP providers, business associates, research and academic institutions.

NMI’s work includes:

  • Encouraging innovation, communication and collaboration through networking, funding, brokering and sign-posting activities.
  • Representing the micro/nano-electronics sector to government, policy makers and regulators.
  • Supporting skills development, education and training.
  • Improving operational efficiency through benchmarking and best practice initiatives.
  • Providing an industry specific information flow

NMI welcomes collaborations on a national and global basis, ensuring we can deliver the very best service to members and partners.